Our club serves the Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita, Summerwood, Huffman, Porter and New Caney areas.

The Kingwood/Humble Aggie Moms’ Club is one of more than one hundred Aggie Moms Clubs across the country.

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It all started in 1922 with Ada Peoples from Dallas, a.k.a Harold’s mama, who may have been the first helicopter mom (but we love her anyway!)

Harold was a cadet as all the male students were at the time. They could rarely leave campus. They could not have cars and could only go to their hometowns by train.

Harold’s mama was concerned! She thought the campus had a poor quality of life and there was no woman’s influence. Harold’s mama was at a PTA convention in San Antonio and actually discussed the issue with then-Texas Governor Pat Neff. 

On her way home, she stopped by College Station to visit Harold but he was on a field trip. Instead, Ada talked with a senior cadet and convinced him to give her a tour of the dorm and mess hall. 

Now, she was really concerned, and left the campus with a “strong determination” to improve the cadets’ lives. So she went back to Dallas and recruited 10 other moms to organize the Dallas A&M Mothers’ Club. They drove to College Station on dirt roads in Model T’s to meet with the all-male college administration, who laughed them off campus when they first presented their ideas.

But Harold’s mama was smart. She knew that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So those Dallas mamas loaded up their model Ts with fixins’ – fried chicken, sandwiches, pies and cookies and sweet tea.

Oh yes ma’am! They went there. They invited the President of the A&M College and his wife. And they invited 100 Dallas cadets. It was so successful, it became an annual event.

And the Federation was born!!

Ada’s original mission was “to contribute in every way to the comfort and welfare of the boys and to cooperate with the faculty to maintain a high standard of education.”

The mission of the Aggie Moms’ Clubs remains the same today.

In 2024,  the Federation will celebrate its 100th birthday,
and Kingwood//Humble Aggie Moms are proud to carry on Ada’s tradition.

Today, A&M is among the nation’s largest universities.
There are over 108 Aggie Moms Clubs that comprise the Federation. 

We’re proud to be one of them, and we think Ada would be pretty dang proud too!

We are a loud and proud member of the Federation’s District 17.
Our club is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.
Club Bylaws)